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One of Denmark’s most experienced glass blowing firms, Dans glaskunst, is situated in Høruphav in the Municipality of Sydals. The firm is owned and run by John and Ulrika Poulsen who both have worked with glass and art for more than 30 years.
John and Ulkrika Poulsen have experimented with glass and other materials for many years. Therefore, they have great knowledge about properties and possibilities. For example, as the only glass blowing firm in Northern Europe, Dansk glaskunst can work with stone and glass together. In other words, John and Ulrika Poulsen have found the technique that makes it possible to embed stone in solid hand-made glass.
John Poulsen is responsible for the production and Ulkrika does the designing.
Hand-made glass has proberties, with surpass the industrial produced glassware when it comes to robustness. In the production in Høruphav, the cooling process of the glass is controlled and takes place at fixes intertvals. Thus, the time factor is one of the secrets behind the solid hand-made glass.
Dansk glaskunst uses sand, soda, lime and other approved colouring substances as raw materials. Moreover, the firm does not use any lead in its production.
The main production takes place in Høruphav, while colleages produce some of the larger orders according to Dansk glaskunst’s design and dispensary.
Furthermore, the retail shop and the workshop in Høruphav have become an attraction for tourists and organisations from Denmark and abroad. It is well worth a visit!

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